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Team Noio order form

We are pre-selling a limited number of team canoes we are making for the Gorge.

It will be an elite layup, use of team grey, with your choice of color and decals.

The normal cost of the canoe is $6500 for the team model. We will discount $400 from the canoe for it’s use in the race.

Gorge: Canoe will be available after the end of the race to take home or pick up in Oakland or Los Angeles. Shipping costs are estimated to be $700. 

Choice of Canoe and Decal Colors - Canoe Color Chart

$3000 is the deposit due for the canoe. The balance for the canoe($3,100) plus shipping is due when the canoe is finished. 


Any major damage incurred from the use during the race would be covered under warranty. 

A 3% penalty will be charged on all canceled orders (to cover the credit card fee). 

All custom info will be determined when we confirm your order before production. 

For more info, go to kamanucomposites.com/noio or email us at info@kamanucomposites.com