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Noio order form

The current estimated time for completion may be up to eight months.

There are two paths to purchasing a Noio:

Includes: Solid colors per mold half. Choice of decal colors. Performance (21 lbs) or Elite (19 lbs) Lay-Up. Weights are plus or minus 1 lb.

Use of Team Colors is  + $200

Canoe Color Chart

Stock List:
Stock canoes, team-style canoes (as light as possible!) and experimental designs will be done on builders' terms. Each canoe will be presented to the top person on the list with the option to purchase it. Or for example, if we have 5 canoes ready, the top 5 on the list will be notified. Further people down the list will be notified as needed. This deposit gets you priority for notification when canoes are finished and will be applied toward the final purchase. 


Please note that this is very different from our previous process!!! Complex custom orders are not an option at this time.

Outer island shipping:
$50 drop-off fee
$20 foam saddles
Canoes are sent COD through Young Brothers on an open flat rack.* Depending on the island, the COD charge will be between $100 and $200.  

Continental US shipping & International Shipping:

All mainland us orders and international will be grouped with the next container shipment. Shipping costs are determined at the time of shipment based on costs and the size of the shipment, and fuel surcharges. You can estimate between $400-$600 including packing, shipping, and insurance. 

 You can sign up to demo Noio here. Priority will be given to waitlist customers. 



A 3% penalty will be charged on all canceled orders (to cover the credit card fee). 

All custom info (such as model, colors, and lay-up) will be determined when we confirm your order before production. 

For more info, go to kamanucomposites.com/noio or email us at info@kamanucomposites.com