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Custom made seat made to fit your height.  

If you are paddling on a forward footwell Pueo, then please subtract 3 sizes when making your order.  

Keep in mind, the table below only serves as a general guideline.  Size choice should vary depending on sitting preferences and leg length.  Also, it's relatively easy to cut half an inch off the back of the seat (with a bread knife or band saw), but less ideal to move the seat forward.  

The original Pueo, 2nd generation Pueo, the Pueo X, Noio, and the Kīkaha all have the same seats. However many people find that they sat one size further forward on the original Pueo. For example, someone 6' may have used a 30 on the Original Pueo and a 31 on the 2nd generation Pueo. Actual distance from seat to ankle position was reduced about 1/2" on all models since the original Pueo. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at info@kamanucomposites.com. 


Seat Size Inches from back to cutout


24 12 under 5'2"
25 11 5'2"
26 10 5'3"5'4"
27 9 5'5"5'6"
28 8 5'7"5'8"
29 7 5'9"5'10"
30 6 5'10"5'11"
31 5 6'0"6'1"
32 4 6'2"
33 3 6'3"
34 2 6'4"
35 1 6'5"