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Ka'iwa order form

Once you place your order, you will receive an email with your expected production time frame. The approximate time to completion is about eight months. 
All Ka'iwa come with an adjustable footbrace and footpump.

For more information about the canoe and the lay-up options, check out our website.

Final pricing on custom canoes vary by spray job. There are two levels of spray job: simple and complex.  

1) Simple custom:
Includes: Solid colors, two color fades, and cockpit tape jobs.
Limitations: No black or fades on the hull, no pearl or clear gel coat anywhere. Three color maximum.

2) Complex custom:
Spray jobs are limited only by your imagination and our ability to spray.  Abstract designs are ok, complex designs may need to be simplified.  We can spray up to five colors on a canoe. Webbing, splatter, clear, and pearl type designs are all ok. Fades, pearl, and hard lines on the hull are possible, though not recommended. Clear on the deck is possible, but not on the hull. You also have the option of either stainless steel or polymer cable. Any design that takes more than twelve hours to spray or requires the use of of our CNC machine to cut out a custom stencil (like scales, diamonds, checkers, etc) will cost an additional $400.

3) Team:

4) Stock canoe:
$5100 - $5700 
We produce one canoe per week that we sell right out the door of our shop. These canoes are available to anyone regardless of wait list status. By ordering a custom canoe, you can opt to receive email notification whenever we have a stock canoe available. 

Outer island shipping:
$50 drop-off fee
$20 foam saddles
Canoes are sent COD through Young Brothers on an open flat rack.* Depending on the island, the COD charge will be between $100 and $200.  
Continental US shipping:
$220 packing and drop-off fee

Canoes are sent COD through DHX to Los Angeles, Oakland, or Seattle for $480.  For anywhere outside of those locations, canoes will be forwarded on through KAS for an additional $150 (for pick-up and holding in LA) plus a COD charge of up to $750. 
International shipping:
We are always willing to work with customers to find an ideal shipping method to remote locations. Contact us or your local area representative for more info on shipping internationally before placing an order. 
Deposits for custom canoes can either be transferred to another customer or applied towards an off-the-shelf canoe.  A 3% penalty will be charged on all canceled orders (to cover the credit card fee). The penalty will be waived if we are over our estimated time frame.

All custom info (such as model, colors, and lay-up) will be determined when we confirm your order before production. 

For more info, go to kamanucomposites.com/pueo or email us at info@kamanucomposites.com