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Order form for Noio/Pueo/Aukahi/Ka'iwa Ama.  

Final price (payable upon completion) is $1000 plus tax and applicable shipping charges.  Amas will be produced in the order they are received.  The current wait time is under two months. 



All amas are custom-made to order.  When your name is up, we will call you to confirm your spray job.  



We can ship anywhere in the world.  

Outer island orders ship through Young Brothers for approximately $55 plus a $30 packing and drop-off fee. 

Mainland orders ship through UPS/FedEx for approximately $240 - $300 (depending on location) including packing. 

Southern California orders have two options:
a)  DHX (approx 2 weeks) to Compton $150
b) UPS/FedEx (under one week) to your home for $250.