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Sig Zane’s mission is to educate and share their knowledge of the Hawaiian culture. Every product they design— whether it’s an aloha shirt, a paddling jersey, or a pair of surf shorts— tells a story. 

And we are honored to have the opportunity to partner with them on an an exciting new product.

In developing it, we spent a lot of time talking to uncle Sig and Kuha’o about the meaning behind our company name. And how the manu on a canoe is the defining feature of a Hawaiian canoe, how it leads the canoe, and how it encompasses the canoe. 

For us, “Kamanu” keeps us both rooted in the tradition of Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling while continually pushing us forward to the future. 

This Sig Zane Design, Holo Mai Pele, illustrates the story of Pele and her ‘ohana traveling to Hawai’i. Told with the rhythmic patterns of ‘ohe kāpala, it is a story of migration by canoe and remembering the customs of one land while forging a new life in another. And if you look closely, you’ll see ka manu— the defining feature of a Hawaiian outrigger canoe— in the story. Keeping us all rooted to the past while working towards the future.

Starting this Friday 2/18 at 10AM, jerseys and surf shorts will be available in limited quantities through our online store, Sig Zane Designs online store, and at our Kailua facility,  plus Sig on Smith in Chinatown, and Paliku Surf in Hilo.

Video by @budiasakeisuke