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We offer 4 styles of rack pads, please refer to the chart below to size your pads correctly.

Regular Style

These rack pads are a cheap alternative to cradles, but offer the same protection without the risk of scratches.  They fit over all standard Thule and Yakima racks as well as custom pipe racks.  Each set comes with two pads.  If you have the wider aero style of racks or much thicker pipe racks, you may want to consider getting the Aero Style of rack pads.

Aero Style

These are the aero style pads that fit over larger pipe racks or the wider aero style roof racks.  Each set comes with two pads.  If you have round bar racks, the regular style may be a better fit.

Extrema Style

These are the extrema-style rack pads that fit large diameter crossbars like Exterra. Each set comes with two pads. 

Jumbo Style

Jumbo pads to fit bars on truck rack systems. Typical size is roughly 3.5" x 1.5". These pads wrap around the bar using a full-length Velcro closure. Sold in pairs, packaged in a polybag with header. Ships flat, saving space and freight cost.