Stock Pueo X

This all white performance lay-up Pueo X weighs 22.3 pounds. Because it's slightly overweight and has some small cosmetic blemishes, it's being discounted to $4600 plus tax and/or shipping. 

A $250 deposit just puts the canoe on hold for you.  After receiving your order, we'll call you to confirm the final payment. Your initial $1000 deposit can go towards payment of this canoe, or you can keep your name on the list and apply your initial down payment towards a custom canoe.

For more info on whether the Pueo or the Pueo X is right for you, please check out our website at If you have any questions about the canoe or the blemishes, you can contact us at

If it says "This product is not available," on the bottom of this page, it means that it has already sold.  

  • Stock Pueo X