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Our goal for this blade was to make the perfect oc1 paddle. The profile shape is round for a smooth feel and a softer bite good for distance racing. We’ve added a small scoop for an easy natural catch. The leading edge of the blade is sharp, but with a cross-section that increases quickly in thickness for a more forgiving and quiet entry into the water. There is a dihedral on the back for stability through the water. The blade is carbon with a foam core for strength and lightness. The shaft is solid poplar wood contoured into a nice double bend for maximum performance. The shaft is a smaller diameter for good flex and comfort. We think it’s the perfect complement to your oc1 or v1 canoe and hope you like it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.


  • 9.2”x18” blade
  • 115.5 sq inches
  • 16-18 oz (450-510g)



Is there a carbon shaft option? Is there a smaller/bigger blade? 

Right now we're focused on one good design. We'll certainly add options in the future for different paddling styles, but we're pretty happy with this blade right now.

Is there a blade without a slight scoop?

We find a small scoop in the blade from entry to mid-blade helps with having a better catch. When you sprint for a bump, you want the blade to bite quickly and not waste energy in cavitation. The right shape helps with that. However, we understand certain techniques and styles do favor flatter blades, so it's something we will think about in the future.

Is it legal for all races?

The blade is skinned with carbon and most of the core is foam. The shaft is primarily wood. It's legal for all oc1 and v1 races. Please double check on others.

How long does it take to get one?

The waitlist is approximately two months long right now, but we're hoping to get to the point where we have paddles in stock.

Are they made in Hawai'i?

Of course! Like our canoes, paddles are locally made by craftsmen and craftswomen in our Kailua shop.